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June 21, 2013
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Peek by viwrastupr Peek by viwrastupr
Twilight looks around the corner into a scene of unexpected confrontation.

A pic for a fic I'm writing which is here: [link]

Commissions available and encouraged: [link]
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ludechris31 Sep 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Interesting perspective, but Twilight needs a little work. Her right back leg doesn't read properly, there are too many facets and details on her face to give her that pleasing cartoony look, her hair reads 'graying', her ear is not erect and doesn't appear really attached to her head, and her eyelashes are a little droopy. I feel like her stance should be changed too. I understand drawing faces from that angle is really tough, and you have TONS of good textures and other elements. Your dynamic lighting really draws attention; that's what made me click on it. Your colors appear expertly selected. And I LOVE how all attention is focused on the mysterious figure in front of ... is that the mirror from EG? Well, anyway. Muahahaha! I like fanfic!
An uninvited critique, no matter how correct or well intentioned, is like a slap in the face to the artist.
ludechris31 Sep 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm sorry. It's never my intention to offend anyone. Criticism is just a simulated response that the public would already have. I just saw magnificent elements in a well done piece (with stunning perspective, I might add) and felt responsible to help work out anything keeping it from perfection. I apologize for entering so rapid-fire; please forgive me, but I just get so into it and carried away... Anyway, I gave you something here. Now you know what the average Joe's first impression would be. So you can use that to improve your methods and be a better, more successful artist! 8D Doesn't that make you happy? I guess not everybody's on DA for that reason, so just do whatever you want with the information I shared, and please forgive me for being blatant. I wanna help make successful and happy artists.
Don't try to make yourself into a good guy here. You come into my house, slap me in the face and want me to thank you for it.


I could pick apart the semantics of your argument, try and show you why what you are doing is cruel but the fact of the matter is you wouldn't believe me. Please do not contact me again.
Who is that at the end of the tunnel?
interesting...I like
This is way cool :3
I dig the kind of warped/fisheye perspective around the figure on the right side. Lots of eye-drawing to that point!

Lookin' good.
Headcanon: magic warps spacetime. Hence the same effect in the alicorn amulet piece.
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